Xircus Web3 Protocol Offers No-Code Deployment

Xircus is a no-code platform to gain access to Web3 tools from 12 established public blockchains.
  • Xircus will offer multiple types of projects tools to launch tokens, NFT, collections and more.
  • The no-code deployment will incur small fees.
  • Xircus expects alpha launch to arrive on March 1.

Xircus is an innovative protocol to deploy Web3 projects for independent builders that can also test their ideas without code. Offering ready-made modules, Xircus is a solution to faster Web3 development. The hub aims to become a scaling tool for new Web3 projects, offering fast and cheap blockchain integration.


Xircus offers free deployment, and earns by incurring small fees for transactions or NFT listings. The hub is ready to connect Web3 apps to multiple already existing blockchains, which have proven their worth for carrying games and collections.

Xirus Prepares for March 1 Launch

The actual open alpha of the Xircus building hub is expected on March 1. Currently, the platform is still in internal testing. After the basic launch, Xircus will also present a more detailed roadmap for future products.

Potentially, Xircus will allow Web3 launches of projects with access to 12 top blockchains. Along with the launch, the project’s token will migrate to a new network and ticker. The new XW3 token will also be used to launch a funding round in a closed sale from venture investors. 

Xircus Reaches Out to Developers, Creators, Collectors

Xircus will offer its support in the form of organizing hackathons, while also expanding its social media presence. At this point, Xircus is still earlier compared to other Web2 to Web3 hubs. Still, the basic services will be available, giving game and NFT projects access to decentralized exchanges, as well as deploying a token within their app. 

Xircus will also serve as an NFT market and a launchpad for token sales. Developers and app owners will be only one group that would use Xircus. Other use cases will include a DAO with NFT avatar ownership. Xircus will also aggregate creators and collectors of NFT, and build its group of ambassadors.

As of February, Xircus also serves as a market and INO platform, where owners, creators and Web3 projects can deploy different types of NFT. Xircus will carry the traditional 10K avatar collections, but also music NFT, physical items, tickets and other forms of tokenized assets.

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