Yield Guild (YGG): New Seasons, Community Growth Push Price

Yield Guild (YGG) becomes top-performing P2E token on new partnerships, new gaming seasons launch.

Yield Guild (YGG) benefits from the growing popularity with play to earn games. The ability to aggregate the best gamers and managers makes Yield Guild one of the important hubs in P2E space. 

The YGG token became one of the biggest gainers in the past week, appreciating by more than 23% during that period. YGG traded at $3.23, still unable to break out to a monthly high. YGG is now aiming to regain positions and possibly revisit its highs above $8. 

YGG is also well-represented on exchanges, with trading pairs on Binance and Kraken, one of the top EU-based exchanges. YGG has international adoption, though with prevalence in Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines. Recently, Yield Guild also encouraged the creation of a regional DAO for players from India.

YGG was listed on Kraken only days ago, on February 23, possibly adding to the rapid price rally in the past week after gaining access to new investors.

Yield Guild Forms Cluster of DAO for Top Performance Gaming

Yield Guild aggregates investment in 10 top play to earn games, ensuring it is one of the best P2E guilds to bring together managers, sponsors and players. 

Under the YGG brand, the top games include Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, League of Kingdoms, Splinterland, Illuvium and others. Not all games are in full launch, but YGG can benefit once the public beta releases arrive. 

Yield Guild is one of the biggest NFT owners, with resources to let new players start with packages for the most popular games. The decisions on games are made in the form of blockchain-based voting. Yield Guild is independently guided in the form of a DAO, with sub-DAO hubs for various niche communities.

Most recently, Yield Guild partnered with Ignite Tournaments, an e-sports mobile service with streaming and crypto rewards. 


This partnership follows a special agreement with Metagoons, an organization fostering the creation of communities of content creators. One of the powers of Yield Guild is the potential to buy in early into NFT collections, achieving discounts of up to 90% and suffering less from bear market effects.

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