A.N.I.M.O Game Prepares for Weekend Announcement, Is Launch Coming Soon?

Animo is not tokenized and only uses Ethereum for NFT ownership.
  • Animo Stars Arena will offer a high-grade 3D game with collectible NFT.
  • Players can pick one of the 9,999 Mech with cute animal Pilots.
  • Animo Stars Arena will be a battle and shooter game to watch in 2023.

Animo Stars Arena is a new multiplayer shooter which may launch its official game in early 2023. Animo is also the name of the game’s metaverse open for exploration. Now, Animo Stars Arena hinted at a big announcement ahead of the weekend, possibly getting closer to its launch. 


In Animo Stars Arena, each player is the Pilot of a mech-style device. The device – a tank, a mech robot, can be altered and equipped with different tools and components for a unique battle strategy. Soon, the game will start building a third-person shooter built on Unreal Engine, as the much-awaited announcement finally arrived.

The latest team expansion will extend the building process of the game into 2023, still giving early investors months to wait.

Animo Offers Personalized Mecha NFT

The Animo devices can also be personalized with items and paint-like skins, to add variety for the phase when the game launches regular playable seasons. Animo is one of the games to start out with a stunning NFT collection, which is listed on OpenSea

The collection is actively traded ahead of the game, with 2,980 ETH in trading turnover. Some of the Mech NFT trade for 0.05 ETH. 

Animo also offers a mix between NFT and physical products with its merch shop. The game also allows its initial collection of 9,999 Mech units to be visualized for potential buyers. 

Animo Built by Experienced Team

The mech and Autonomous Nuggets so far offer mostly access to cute art. But the end goal of the Animo project is bigger and the team has the skill to match it. The team is anonymous still, which makes the game worth watching for its potential, without overinvesting before the actual launch. 

The end goal is to build a high-grade game with creative images and Web3 ownership. Animo joins the trend of building skill-based battle games, and this one has its own signature design and mechanics. 

Animo is also not tokenized, instead using the Ethereum network for basic NFT ownership. The NFT themselves are high-grade and made by top artist collaborations in the digital collectibles space. The game’s goal is to encourage long-term holding and upgrades for its Mech while engaging in regular battles.

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