Crabada Migration Losses: Compensation for Flawed Balances on Swimmer Network

Play Crabada fully moved to Swimmer Network, with some problems bridging the NFT items correctly.
  • Play Crabada is more promising when based on guilds to achieve predictable passive income.
  • TUS falls to 0.002, making the game non-viable when cashing out.
  • All Crab NFT stuck during migration have been returned to owners.

The Play Crabada team will offer compensation to players that suffered losses after attempting to bridge their assets to Swimmer Network. The game only gave a few days after May 13 to move Crabs and tokens to the new network, resulting in some problems with reflecting the correct NFT balances and data.

Lost Crabs have been recovered to their owners, but there will be compensation for the missed days of playing. The team will reimburse 135 CRA per every team of three Crab NFT, to offset potential game gains. 

The breeding history of Crabs had all bugs repaired on Swimmer Network. Soon after the migration, some Crabs displayed unfairly high breeding costs or could not breed. New breeding mechanisms are important in the game, as they are a potential source of income after the lowered TUS market price. 

Some players also mistakenly bought Idle Game slots, paying in CRAM. Those players will receive Battle Game slots on Swimmer Network at no extra charge. Spending CRAM on Idle Game slot NFTs after May 23 will not entitle players to compensation. All game slots are now only bought and sold as NFT on the marketplace powered by Swimmer Network. 

Crabada Joins DeFi Partnership to Boost Earnings

Guilds-based gameplay is trying to make use of DeFi protocols to boost the impact of earnings. Not all Crabada players are aiming to cash out. Instead, some are competing for more TUR, CRA and CRAM. 

The most recent partnership is with Voyage Finance, aiming to extract earnings from guild treasuries.

Another approach to gains is using NFT Crabs for membership, as in the case of CrabaDAO. Participants receive passive CRA and TUS income for holding Crabs and renting them out to scholars.

After the migration, CRA had another crash, erasing 28% from its price to $0.08. TUS is down more than 23% to $0.002, making the game less viable when cashing out. At one point in the game, minting was 15 times bigger than burning TUS, leading to the current bloated supply and low price.

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