P2E and Web3 Weekly Review (March 3 – March 7, 2023)

Sunflower Land is one of the games to rank higher after the launch of its next limited-edition season with beach items.

In 2023, the trend of game-first projects continues, and tokenization is taking a backseat. NFT remains important, though with more creative ways to issue new items. Mini-tournaments and prize pools still exist as a value source. The chief goal of games is to gain wider acceptance and lauch a successful app. 

Top Events of the Week

Web3 Game News

Sunflower Land launched its next playable season, with new items and rare NFT. The Solar Flares season will distribute beach items of varying rarity. 

ChainMonsters NFT battle game is now available on the Epic Games store. ChainMonsters is fully launched and offers live PvP. 


Axie Infinity launched the Axie Doll mini-game tournament, for a brawler gameplay tapping the art and style of Axie NFT. 


Leading Games by Number of Users

Leading games remain in their usual range of interest, with more fluctuations in the top 20. The busiest games remain those that require more on-chain interactions by design. The leading success strategy is now to offer an engaging game, as both tokens and NFT valuations are either falling or stagnant in the past year. Yet despite the flat market, games and Web3 is showing signs of growth and new projects.

GamePrevious WeekCurrent
Alien Worlds210.33K204.47K
Farmers World67.25K74.88K
Planet IX61.69K60.19K
Sunflower Land13.7514.43K
Axie Infinity10.41K12.32K

P2E Token Price Action

The market cap of all P2E tokens crashed to $4.96B during a week in the red for all crypto assets. With BTC under $20,000, gaming tokens also erased their previous levels and stability.

Upcoming Airdrops and Giveaways

StableTown Mint for More Stablecoins in NFT Space

Freight Heads Club Free Mint

Riffrats Collection Free Mint

$TRI Token Airdrop for Social Media Engagement

$AVO Token Airdrop for Gleam Tasks

NFT are still a sought-after asset for the potential to grow over time. Free NFT also give access to new communities and may give early access to games. There are also collections with the sole purpose of resales and flipping.

The best approach is to test out free mints, using a safe and empty wallet. Only use official links and avoid personal solicitations to mint NFT.

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