Ancient Society Grows Among Top Web3 Builder Games

Ancient Society is among the prominent projects on the Polygon blockchain.
  • Ancient Society is a slow-moving game of strategy, where players need buildings and tools for productivity.
  • The game hosts a few hundred to 1,000 active players per day.
  • ANCIEN tokens can be earned and spent within the game.

Ancient Society remains one of the solid Web3 games on the Polygon network. The game team claims 1,000 active players per day, though only a small part of them need on-chain interactions. Ancient Society reported 235 players active as of November 22. 

The game is still expanding its user base, recently opening a whitelisting for an upcoming free mint.

Ancient Society has a complex world, yet for now most of the gameplay is idle strategy and circles around acquiring the right type of resources. 

Ancient Society mixes simulated building, sandbox games and strategy to create a resource-driven economy. Some of the main NFT are the various buildings that drive the game progress. Town halls, one of the key buildings, change hands at aroun 0.025 ETH, with 76 ETH traded so far. Buildings are sold for WETH wrapped on the Polygon network to save on transaction fees.

From October onward, Ancient Society will open a series of Challenges, announced as they arrive. Players will need to buy tickets to join the challenge and compete for the rewards. As more players join, they add to the pool of ANCIEN tokens to be distributed.

How Ancient Society Integrates Web3

Buildings in the game are also the chief earnings element. Depending on the building, they pay out either ANCIEN tokens or in-game resources such as wood and stone. For that reason, town halls are the most important in-game earnings mechanism. Ancient Society also includes tools, which can be upgraded for specific features and enchanted.

The ANCIEN token has multiple uses, which burn all the assets invested. Players can craft, upgrade, mint new NFT or buildings and use the token to trade with other players. The token can also buy decorative NPC, and is used for tickets for the in-game lottery. ANCIEN can also be added to the game’s liquidity pool, where it would boost the game’s economy and make passive returns to players.

ANCIEN tokens are still untracked and mostly have utility within the game, making Ancient Societies more about Web3 ownership than P2E.

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