Sunflower Land Adds Tools to Evolve Bumpkins

Sunflower Land offers players to pick their resource strategy and own the value of their game progress.
  • Sunflower Land allows players to upgrade their Bumpkin and sell to other farm owners.
  • SFL is now highly active within the game, though with limited trading.
  • Sunflower Land aims to build a blockchain-first game without aggressive token speculation.

Sunflower Land added another tool to its circular economy. This time, players can redirect resources to build up their Bumpkin character. The Bumpkin NFT can be customized with clothing and equipment items, and will also be key in land expansion coming this December.

The Bumpkin upgrade also allows for reselling, where players boost their stores of SFL tokens. So far, the game has made most of its efforts to lock in SFL as an in-game resource. Owners are not incentivized to cash out during a bear market, but they can buy advancements for which SFL retains its value.

Sunflower Land Aims for Blockchain-First Game

Sunflower Land is one of the Polygon-based games with a P2E feature, which managed to achieve organic growth. The principle of one account per person and a limit to 150K players at first managed to keep the game active even during the bear market. 

The game team also discouraged speculation, and never introduced more aggressive tokenomics. SFL is tradable, but not pushed on large exchanges as in the case of other P2E tokens. SFL is stabilized around $0.10 and the game also uses USDC for a more predictable fee schedule.

Yet Sunflower Land also brings a solid play-to-own model, where all farm owners are holding rare assets. All craftable items generated during the closed beta sandbox stage will be compatible with the new Land Expansion version

Sunflower Land is one of the few games where the items trade organically on the in-game marketplace. Players trade both raw resources and complex recipes such as cakes or special chickens and cosmetic item frogs.

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