Ankr Protocol Prepares for Special Announcement this Friday

Ankr protocol teased with an upcoming event this March 24, details coming later.
  • Ankr Protocol focuses on RPC for speedier access to blockchain data.
  • Ankr users can also join the upcoming Arbitrum ARB token airdrop.
  • Ankr Protocol prepares for special announcement on March 24.

Ankr Protocol has turned into one of the powerhouses for Web3 tools, offering a complete selection of SDK and pre-made code for builders. Now, Ankr has hinted at a new update scheduled for March 24, without disclosing details. 

Ankr specializes in fast RPC for dozens of blockchains, as well as tools for liquidity and payment gateways. Teams can also use the tools to launch their own blockchain, or adapt any game to the Ankr Web3 toolset. Ankr currently offers a toolset for different blockchain parameters to fit any Web3 project.

Ankr Staking is also specializing in offering a platform for the launch of liquidity tokens, and for building staking mechanisms for DeFi or GameFi purposes.

Ankr Becomes Part of Arbitrum Airdrop

Ankr is also offering tools for cross-chain infrastructure and has become a partner of Arbitrum, another hub for Web3 tools and access. Arbitrum has now announced an airdrop of millions of ARB tokens to popularize its presence, 

All Ankr users will be eligible to claim some of the Arbitrum airdrop tokens, marking the addition of one of the new hot blockchains as a Web3 tool. 

The Arbitrum blockchain launch was scheduled for March 23, and Ankr is already offering its first RPC tools for fast access and data extractions. Having RPC tools may help Web3 projects with faster communication, as well as advanced data on NFT and token transactions. 

One of the other recent additions of an RPC is to the Filecoin network, a relatively older project that has been revived as it connects to a wider Web3 ecosystem. Ankr is also working closely with Ethereum for wrapped assets, liquidity and staking, and offers multiple safe tools for moving between blockchains. 

With the Ankr RPC, all Web3 projects can retrieve data without having to run a node on any specific blockchain. This greatly diminishes the technical requirements to build new Web3 projects with blockchain backing. Ankr also combines its RPC backing from a mix of cloud and physical servers for optimal speed.

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