P2E and Web3 Weekly Review (March 17- March 24)

NFT mints remain attractive, especially those with a low entry price and a free mint.

P2E and Web3 projects now have opportunities for much faster deployment, with new SDK and RPC available. New projects and existing games can now access blockchain information much faster, and deploy almost immediately, with no need for nodes, hardware or a long building process for blockchain access. This has led to a new inflow of games, ranging from mini-games and casual features to high-grade AAA-level worlds with 3D graphics.

Axie Infinity finished its first Homeland season with base building, while Sunflower Land is going closer to the end of its latest season and setting up expectations for the next six-week tournament in June. 

Top Events of the Week

Web3 Game News

Generative NFT through AI – the recent AI art hype meets NFT minting, where everyone can mint their own unique item. Generative mint used by Stepn game to create Gem reward as a test. 


Otherside Meta Opens Season on March 25 – the Bored Ape game, Otherside Meta, is launching its Second Trip playable season on Saturday. The game is now retaining a loyal audience, after multiple delays. Otherside Meta has a verified identity login with anti-bot tools. 

Sunflower Land Brings More Farm Customization – Sunflower Land showed a preview of its Bumpkin Builder, with more tools to personalize the farm and store rare NFT items. 


Gala Games Public Test for Walking Dead Empires Open Now – Gala Games invites players to test the new AAA-grade zombie shooter game, with tests available until April 3. 


Leading Games by Number of Users

Leading P2E games achieved user growth in the past week, especially Alien Worlds and other leaders. Planet IX has settled among high-transaction games, and Sunflower Land is solidly within the top 20 of all games. Benji Bananas is up the ranks, possibly related to reward distribution. Axie Infinity transactions keep stagnating after the end of Homeland season and the upcoming end of Origins. Other games like Iskra joined the top 10, though still having to show if they are a constant factor, or have gone through an NFT mint, reflected as increased transactions. Overall, fast blockchains are the main factor behind top games, with fewer games based on L1 Ethereum without some form of scaling solution.

GamePrevious WeekCurrent
Alien Worlds192.42K236.65K
Farmers World73.41K66.8K
Planet IX64.67K67.63K
Nine Chronicles25.28K23.22K
Sunflower Land5.55K15.67K
Axie Infinity11.8K11.87K

P2E Token Price Action

The market cap of all P2E tokens remained relatively flat at $5.77B while the rest of the crypto market stagnated. P2E games keep the trend of transforming into Web3, with tokens more useful within the game economy. The games where grinding for tokens is the main goal are now fewer, due to token inflation and sinking prices.

Upcoming Airdrops and Giveaways

Wolfpunk NFT Free Mint

Shiba Doge Crate Mints

Daffy Cats Coming March 25

Cryptogifs Coming March 25

Arcomia Metaverse Coming March 25

NFT minting and resales at close to floor prices continue, especially by traders that seek sniping opportunities. Low-cost or free mints are a way to onboard new projects and games. Over time, even traditional gamers are warming up to NFT, as long as they are a logical extension of the game. More projects are building a seamless Web3 integration, with no extra steps needed to carry NFT in a wallet. The NFT resale hype is also not inherent to all games, as some of the NFT or consumables remain within the game.

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