Astar Network Prepares to Launch Smart Contract Platform

Astar Network aims to build a new hub for both Web3 developers and for onboarding Web2 apps.
  • Astar Network will launch its new WASM smart contracts on April 6.
  • Astar Network is the largest smart contract and app hub on Polkadot.
  • The network offers build-to-earn, with passive income for each app deployed.

Astar Network is an upcoming platform for building smart contracts, soon to partner with Polkadot Protocol. The project aims to offer developers a toolset to deploy smart contracts in a multi-blockchain environment. 

Astar Network is an EVM-compatible environment, which will also offer the building of smart contracts for the WASM environment. All Astar apps will have cross-consensus compatibility, for true multi-chain building. 

Astar Network Offers Build to Earn

Astar Network is targeting developers with not only the chance to build apps, but to retain a stake and secure passive income. App staking will allow all builders to be paid for the code they write. 

Astar Network is already tokenized with the ASTR token, to be used for payouts. Astar Network reports up to 50 apps built and up to 500K community members onboarded since the launch. Astar Network is ready to onboard Web2 teams, as well as native Web3 developers seeking to deploy apps compatible with a multi-chain virtual machine. 

Astar Network Supplies Smart Contracts to Polkadot

The Polkadot ecosystem has been developed in the past few years, starting out as one of the largest ICO sales. Polkadot survived despite locking most of its funds due to a smart contract accident. Later, Polkadot launched so-called parachains, or slots for side chain computation. Astar Network holds and operates one of those parachains. 

Since its launch, Astar Network became the most powerful tool and a hub to deploy Polkadot smart contracts. Astar Network is cross-compatible with other leading blockchains, such as Polygon and BSC.

WASM smart contracts, coming on April 6, are the most flexible tool to move from Web2 to Web3. Some of the apps possible on WASM are not possible on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. WASM smart contracts can also use any programming language already used for Web2 apps.

Astar Network already carries NFT games and DeFi apps in its growing ecosystem. Astar Network also offers a toolset to start with WASM and the Polkadot network.

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