Voxies (VOXEL) Price Prediction (22.03.2022): Will Game Updates Lead to Price Breakout

Voxie Tactic slowly adds players, ensuring utility for Voxie character NFTs.

Voxies (VOXEL) is showing increased activity in the past few days, for now stabilizing above $1.30. The game has hinted at updates coming soon, with new imagery and visual features. 

Voxies has been in open beta for a few weeks now, with additional marketplace improvements. The Voxie Tactics game will continue to evolve based on feedback, with new art upgrades. 

Voxies also keep up the pace at relatively high prices. Because there are currently 10K characters minted and listed on OpenSea, the floor price is relatively high at 0.37 ETH. Average sales in the past few weeks happened at around 0.5 ETH. 

The game is still limited to early testers, hence its relatively low user count, with a few hundred users per month and limited activity on some days, as aggregated by DappRadar.

Voxies Still Hinge on NFT Trading

The Voxies game is still solidly about the NFT earnings, with players attempting to trade some of the more rare items. OpenSea offers already known characters, and the Voxies marketplace plans to offer mystery characters with a percentage chance to win rare features.

Despite this, Voxie Tactics is still at a higher level of readiness. Voxies aims to be a game with NFT included, unlike projects pushing an NFT collection first and only proposing a game concept. 

VOXEL Price Prediction: What Traders Expect

VOXEL set some expectations for an upcoming breakout, based on a longer-term view. Active game development in 2022 and more demand for the token may lead to price action. 

VOXEL is still trading with relatively low volumes between $40M and $80M in 24 hours. The relatively slim trading means signals may not be reliable. Still, based on signals, VOXEL looks like a growth token. 

The VOXEL asset is also not as widely distributed, with less than 4,000 wallets on the Polygon network. This raises hopes for VOXEL as an early-stage token, capable of jumping to a higher price tier with more adoption and in-game usage.

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