Axie Infinity (AXS) Season 21 Arrives in Days: What to Expect

Axie Infinity will run another season between April 25 and June 24 to make use of the old token and NFT balance.
  • AXS still stuck around $48, RON below $1.50 after the Ronin-ETH exploit.
  • Origin has yet to introduce the features of a full P2E game.
  • SLP to be added to Origin in the coming months.

Axie Infinity is preparing for Season 21 to launch on April 25. The event will reveal the game’s appeal during active playing, as opposed to the almost frozen activity between seasons. The launch date was announced earlier on the Axie Infinity Discord.

Axie Infinity will exist in two modes, still using the last of the old balance for one more season of earnings. Origin is yet to take over the entire earnings potential of the Axie ecosystem, which for some is already considered depleted due to NFT and token oversupply and much smaller earnings.

The initial intention was for Axie Infinity to wrap up its old game leaderboards after Season 20. Instead, the game will run another round until June 24. In the meantime, the Sky Mavis team will keep smoothing out Origin, which will be in free-to-play mode. Season 21 will go without special rebalancing, using the current game rules, and will probably be the last one before Origin moves to leaderboard mode.

The new season will start with a valuation for Smooth Love Potion (SLP) around $0.017, and still relatively lower earnings potential from Axies. This time, the season will start with more strict rules on multi-accounting and lending Axies with high earnings potential. 

The Origin update is headed to a couple of significant milestones – the mobile relaunch, as well as introducing SLP into the game for additional rewards. The Origin update is still behind on adopting NFT Axies for the new gameplay.

What Will Change for Axie Infinity

One of the expected changes in the Axie Infinity environment will be the metaverse land rules. Sky Mavis hinted at making land a resource for staking and passive income. The game team is still working on implementing the smart contracts to ensure smooth functioning with no risks of loss.

Land has been sold to early investors, and a mechanism of burning Axies for land rights has been active for a few weeks now. However, the complete land gameplay and farm-like functions are yet to come to the game. 

The news of Season 21 may not affect AXS much. The asset rose to $48.03, still near the lower range after the Ronin-ETH bridge hack. RON stalled at $1.49, challenged to recover previously high price ranges.

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