Crop Bytes: The NFT Farming Game with a Long Track Record

Crop Bytes aims to offer a realistic economy simulation for sustainable earnings.

Crop Bytes is one of the early games to offer crypto-based earnings even before the P2E concept became a widespread trend. Crop Bytes came to prominence just as Sunflower Land showed the power of idle farming and a predictable, yet challenging schedule of value production. 

Starting from April 21, Crop Bytes will move on with community giveaways, further increasing its visibility.

Crop Bytes started in an earlier stage of crypto, where early adopters were more likely to try trading. The game existed for years before finally performing an ICO in December 2021, raising a modest $300,000. 

The game’s goal is to start with initial seed resources, raise crops, then sell them for CBX tokens. There is an option to trade CBX in a risky, illiquid market, which may appeal to some players. CBX has limited exchange representation, mostly on MEXC and LBank. 

Crop Bytes now bets on a more active development after the initial years as a barely known game. The game team now plans a still unspecified system update, using the CBX token more widely and moving to metaverse-type gameplay. 

Crop Bytes Prepares for Upgrades

Crop Bytes may go through the trajectory of Sunflower Farm, which became a big factor only after the NFT enthusiast community discovered it. There are already signs Crop Bytes may be rising to the top, as on April 20, the game lined up among the most visited P2E projects. 

This game is one of the few fully available on desktop, Android, and iOS mobile versions. The game’s own reporting logs 250K players in total, with 100K downloads. Those numbers once again put Crop Bytes close to Sunflower Land.

The advantage of Crop Bytes is that it has launched during a bear market and survived. At the same time, the game has tweaked its reward model through many iterations, avoiding the hype and burnout cycle of P2E games. 

Crop Bytes aims to create a simulation of a real economy, with scarcity and time constraints. This allows for a slow enough game to avoid strip-mining and tanking the asset price. CBX is still in price discovery, though, with only partially mitigated risks. At the same time, Crop Bytes tries to reward its players with a busy, addictive simulation.

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