STEPN (GMT): Why This Move to Earn Project is Heating Up

STEPN combines socialized sports achievement with NFT swag.
  • STEPN becomes hottest curated project on Binance NFT.
  • GMT asset breaks new price records just days after launch.
  • STEPN offers customizable sneaker NFTs with branded mystery boxes.

There’s a hot new pair of sneakers and this time, it’s a customizable rare NFT. STEPN (GMT) is setting out to expand the play to earn model with its Move to Earn app. The big bonus is that all of this comes wrapped with a highly liquid crypto token listed on major exchanges – GMT.

STEPN is combining social media elements with already established routines of tracking sports achievements. But this time, the sports app is also linked to NFT ownership and other blockchain-based perks. 

What Makes STEPN Hot

STEPN is a high-end blockchain startup, recalling the approach of ApeCoin (APE) and other club scenes brought through NFT ownership. The game is also strategic about its adoption, creating a referral code program.

The game is also in its early NFT distribution stage, with several ways of acquiring rare shoes. The latest event was organized by Binance NFT, where STEPN became one of the top curated collections. 

What is the STEPN Model

STEPN resembles the model of many play to earn games, with a double-token value scheme. GMT, the deflationary asset, has a capped supply and can grow with time when held. GST is the secondary asset, an inflationary token with no supply. 

Both assets are used in the NFT mechanics, to repair, upgrade, box the shoes, gain gems, unlock mystery boxes and other game activities. 

The NFTs include unique trainers and ASICS-branded mystery boxes.

All of the digital side hinges on a very simple action – going outside and walking. The game hinges on social sports, an earlier trend of sharing achievements. Each walk will grant rewards that can go toward upgrades, or can be monetized. 

GMT Goes for the Moon

GMT, the native token of the game, is rising fast even ahead of the official open launch. GMT rallied to $3.45, after more than a week of growth since the initial launch. GST still has no price discovery mechanism and is unlisted, but will have in-game usage.

NFT prices vary by type, with OpenSea listings yet to establish a floor price. Mystery boxes on Binance NFT reach 0.5 BNB asking price.

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