Omniaverse Network Creates Tools for Web2 to Web3 Onboarding

Omniaverse offers an ecosystem of tokens, a DAO and an onboarding tool for Web2 games.
  • Omniaverse has built a bridge to add Web3 features and NFT characters to any game.
  • Omnia Block offers cross-compatible NFT for games like Cyborne.
  • Omnia Apex is a community platform to deploy Web3 apps.

Omniaverse is the newest crypto project to release teasers on its addition of targeted Web3 tools for development teams. Omniaverse has been targeted to players, but lately started to reach out for new projects.

Omniaverse is at its core a fast, zero-gas blockchain, ready to serve a new generation of apps. The expectation for new users is also to avoid any blockchain complexity, or unexpected expenses for gas. 

Omniaverse also has a dedicated Web2 to Web3 bridge, which can onboard existing user bases without disrupting the game experience. Omniaverse also has built-in anti-botting mechanisms, and has built a DAO for governance purposes by all token holders. 

Omniaverse also carries ready-made games, among them the high-grade shooter and battler Cyborne. Similar to Nakamoto Games, Omniaverse has the tools to onboard more projects and extend its list of games.  

Omniaverse Offers Three Main Services

Omnia Block is the game hub, powered by BLOCK tokens, offering several P2E and Web3 headlines. Among them are Hold the Block, a collection of P2E mini-games, as well as Dice and a Lottery game with BLOCK token rewards. BLOCK is also used as an entrance fee for builder projects, who want to showcase their NFT or any type of game. The goal for BLOCK is to be able to place Web3 artifacts in any game, creating an external market. 

Omnia Apex is the community platform that hosts thousands of apps, and is powered by the OMNIA token. Apex is the side of Omnia that is dedicated to drawing in developers, with a direct invitation to build Web3 apps. Omnia also invites artists to subscribe and build NFT collections to stand alone or as part of games. NFT collections on Omnia often bring additional in-game rewards of BLOCK tokens.

Additionally, the Omnia ecosystem includes bridges to Ethereum and Polygon, as well as to the Apex blockchain. USDT tokens are also in use within the ecosystem. 

Omnia also has a metaverse approach with cross-compatible NFT. Games like Cyborne share avatars with other gaming products. Omnia supports several NFT collections that are cross-game compatible, such as Blockverse Companions.

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