Axie Infinity: Rush to Breed the Rarest Summer Axies

Axie Infinity special feature NFT retain relatively high resale prices, especially if possessing rare features.
  • Breeding the most desirable traits may increase costs and require many Axies.
  • SLP stabilized around $0.004, AXS stands close to $16 following the breeding event hype.
  • Egg reveal coming on July 19.

The summer breeding event for Axie Infinity proved highly attractive with new rare features offered. Additionally, the game’s team is trying to add publicity with a call to create content based on Axie egg reveals.

Rare and exclusive Axies with unique looks remain a valuable asset that can lead to better resales. With SLP prices as low as ever, breeding rare Axies is still a challenge. The goal is to breed as many Axies with summer-themed body parts. The actual new Axies will be revealed after the eggs hatch on July 19.

Players are also taking into account the depreciation from a higher breeding count, as well as the probability of getting desirable Axie traits. 

Players with multiple Axies are at an advantage. Most Axies don’t have a price floor, though breedable NFT can still fetch around $30. Tools have been created to find the best breeding strategy for Summer features. 

Axie Tries to Boost Engagement

After the breeding round started, Axie Infinity remained the fifth busiest game based on DappRadar data, with 35.13K players. The Origin update has invited more than 600K accounts, though mostly restricted by the delayed global access.

But the gameplay is not the sole way to connect with the game. Sky Mavis still has open spots for its content creation program with rewards.

Axie Infinity still relies on tournaments and special ticket events paid in SLP to offer prize pools. The game also tries to repay its early investors via land staking. The current breeding event is also making a dent in the SLP inventory, improving the mint/burn ratio for the first time in months. SLP still trades around $0.004, with no big recent rallies.

In the case of Axie oversupply, some of the characters may be released to gain additional game advantages. The event boosted Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), taking the token to $15.96 with 8% growth in the past day.

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