Blockchain Monster Hunt Updates NFT Breeding Feature

Blockchain Monster Hunt offers seasonal staking events with three-month lockups.
  • Blockchain Monster Hunt will launch its breeding feature to generate Artificial Monsters.
  • The game is only available with a wallet connection and NFT purchase.
  • Blockchain Monster Hunt uses the Pokemon model with added staking and in-game rewards.

Blockchain Monster Hunt is one of the newest variations of the Pokemon-type game on the blockchain. Blockchain Monster Hunt is in its beta stage, but plans to expand to multiple networks. Now, the game is about two weeks away from releasing breeding mechanics, which will increase the number and variety of its NFT creatures.

In addition to the upgrades on breeding monsters, the game entered a staking lockup period. Players deposited any NFT owned for staking until January, with no more open slots. Staking is one of the early earrings tools in the game. Blockchain Monster Hunt also recently celebrated its first anniversary, as it became one of the relatively late arrivals on the play-to-earn stage.

Blockchain Monster Hunt Offers a Complex Breeding Mechanism

Breeding new Monsters will create a new class, known as Artificial Monsters. The first generations will appear from the game’s Genesis monsters, already distributed to owners. Breeding will produce new types of creatures, which will have Monster Essence. 

Players will also need to catch Wild Monsters and supply BCMC tokens, and follow specific steps to produce the desired Artificial Monster. The breeding in this game is more complicated compared to that in Axie Infinity. If a strict recipe is not followed, the breeding process may not succeed. 

Blockchain Monster Hunt promises faster progress based on the type of monsters owned. Artificial monsters will also belong to specific groups and offer different skillsets and strengths.

The advantage of the breeding process is that the originating monsters may be burned, thus diminishing the number. This will keep the game in balance, while also challenging players to craft the best strategy.

Blockchain Monster Hunt is available live now, attracting a few dozen players per day. The game is just coming up as a new P2E on BNB Chain, and includes a mix of quests and battles, as well as staking. Blockchain Monster Hunt also has a fully functioning NFT marketplace to acquire monsters. All actions in the game require a wallet connection, and there is currently no free version off the blockchain.

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