Elulands Comes into the Spotlight on Arboreum Land Sale

Elulands will give full ownership of all game items, but land plots will be the basis of the game experience.
  • Elulands is an early-stage game just whitelisting potential buyers for its land NFT.
  • The game will offer a complex, fantasy-themed open world with resources.
  • Players will own and be able to monetize all game items.

Elulands is one of the most high-profile new games to drop a Web3 proposal. The game is a metaverse plus MMORPG, using the latest approach of Web3 to offer ownership on the blockchain. The game will soon launch one of its early land NFT sales, with more coming in the future.

Elulands raised awareness as it approaches its whitelisting event in one of the biggest metaverse land plot sales. The whitelisting for the sale will start on November 22 after a small delay. Despite being a game in development, Elulands is also near the top for the most searched games. 

Leading up to the sale, the game team may also hold giveaways and offer free whitelisting or other perks. 

What Makes Elulands Stand Out

Elulands has a ready-built complex metaverse, with a fairy-themed cartoon world. Players need stone and wood resources to build their land plots with more complexity as the game progresses. 

The game is still only at the stage of pre-alpha previews, but shows there is still interest in new projects. It is rare for games to start with a land sale, especially before having a playable version. However, Elulands is still worth watching for early access or free items. 

The game also aims to stand out by creating a massive multiplayer open world (MMORPG), where players can build within the bounds of their urban, village or outpost plots. It is up to the players to put up NPC characters and build hubs to sell items or hold events.

Elulands is Play-to-Own

The Elulands metaverse is complex and offers multiple valuable items. Players have full control of their inventories and can build their own system of rarity and value. 

Elulands will use Binance Smart Chain to record all player holdings, including land plots. Players will be able to trade cosmetic items, and the land NFT is also potentially resellable on the open market.

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