Seraph: In the Darkness Reaches Beta Testing Stage

Seraph: In the Darkness is an actions-based game, requiring skills and character evolution for quests and battles.
  • Seraph is an action game in the style of Diablo, rewarding players for PvP victories.
  • Seraph: In the Darkness aims to reach traditional gamers, while offering optional NFT.
  • Players pick from three classes and can upgrade and overpower skills and weapons.

Seraph: In the Darkness is another Web3 game getting close to launch in 2023, and drawing attention on its social media channels. After a long pre-launch period, Seraph reached the alpha stage, and has now opened a beta testing period. Seraph is built by Actoz Soft and carries on with the style of Diablo and similar action RPG with dark fantasy art.

Seraph is a 3D ARPG world, with looting mechanics and added blockchain features. The game is available for download and the test is open to a wider social media community. Seraph: In the Darkness aims to bring a game of mainstream quality that goes beyond P2E and targets mainstream gamers.

Seraph is an action-based game with skilled gameplay, including battles and looting. Instead of tokenization, NFT ownership will be the leading economic factor in the game. Players will go through campaigns and battles, encountering rare types of NFT, which can be traded. 

Seraph Rewards Unique Playing Style

In Seraph, players can choose to act as a Barbarian, Sorceress, or Vaklyrie, each with their own profile of skills and attacks. All playable classes, however, have a chance to compete for treasures and in-game NFT. 

Seraph will be tokenized with a SRF asset, which will be tradable. Inside the game, players will earn Soul Spars, an inflationary asset. But the game’s economic balance aims to move awai from mindless grinding. 

In Seraph, gold-mining mechanics will be a tool to limit growth and link it to real player engagement. Additionally, the game will reward PvP winnings, and will encourage each player to invest more into their armor, weapons and general game style. Players will unlock skills as the game progressive and use it in combat. 

Seraph equipment can be Normal, which is only available in-game, and Chaos-grade. Chaos equipment is minted as NFT and can be potentially resold on the secondary market. Weapons can also be combined with Gem, Jewel or Rune to enhance their performance. All skills can also be overpowered, leading to endless battle combinations.

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