BR1 Infinite Game Combines High-Grade FPS with USDC Earnings

BR1 Infinite uses Solana, with optional access to decentralized finance and a game-first approach for fun and fair earnings.
  • BR1 is a pay-to-spawn game in a closed beta stage, with earnings in USDC.
  • The game aims for a sustainable P2E model without grinding.
  • Now signup is open for early testers, referral program starts for additional rewards.

BR1 Infinite shows a combination of a high-grade FPS game with a sustainable P2E model. The game offers players to join for a small fee and keep earning. If they get killed, they still retain 90% of their earnings. This gives the game a unique pay-to-spawn model using a dollar-fixed USDC token for predictable spending and earnings. 

The game’s goal is to survive as far as possible and accrue rewards without looses. The game’s core action is kill-to-earn, meaning longer survival will accrue more USDC.

What Makes BR1 Stand Out

BR1 has an already launched game ready for signup, featuring a large-scale map for infinite mission possibilities. The game is now open for applications for early beta testers and has a fully built preview. Players will gain access to a closed beta version and get their first USDC funding for free, in order to test the pay-to-spawn feature.

BR1 is a project built using the Solana blockchain. Luckily, BR1 is keen on game-first development and has not met with problems from Solana-based decentralized finance. The Solana blockchain is viewed with suspicion due to the fears of carrying assets linked to the FTX exchange. 

The game’s main goal is to avoid grinding as with other play-to-earn games. Instead, players are rewarded in proportion with the time spent on the game and their skill in survival, parkour, shootouts and other tasks. All the while, the game also focuses on its high-end 3D experience for a potentially mass-adopted Web3 product.

Prizes and Referrals Arrive on BR1

However, BR1 has an isolated ecosystem that also uses USDC, thus avoiding price fluctuations. The game offers optional access to decentralized finance, and is currently opening its referral program for additional rewards in recruiting new players.

The game team has additional prizes during the month of December for joining the game’s Discord community. The game is also featuring early streamers, as well as holding out giveaways for early beta access.

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