Chronos: Dawn of Time Prepares for Mint on December 12

Players can receive additional exclusive items in limited-event airdrops.
  • Chronos: Dawn of Time is preparing for its playable Travelers mint, shortly before the beta launch.
  • The game combines civilization-building with dungeon exploration.
  • Chronos: Dawn of Time will only have an in-game token with no swapping opportunities.

Chronos: Dawn of Time is heading for a busy December, with an upcoming mint and a promise for a closed beta test by the end of the month. The game is also working toward a mobile version to achieve mass adoption.

Chronos: Dawn of Time is a dynamic quest in a post-apocalyptic universe. The game mixes village-building, crafting, as well as dungeon-style exploration and battles against monsters. The game features a cartoonish 2D style for its mazes, somewhat resembling Mines of Dalarnia

Players build up their character and their empire in parallel, adding new abilities, crafting, resources, while conquering new ground.

Chronos: Dawn of Time Opens Whitelist for Travelers NFT

Chronos: Dawn of Time relies on its Traveler characters to fulfill the game’s missions. Travelers will appear in a mint session scheduled for December 12, whitelisting spots open now.

Chronos: Dawn of Time is one of the few games to schedule closely its NFT collection and plan an upcoming launch to use those playable avatars. The Traveler avatars can belong to a series of classes, such as humanoids, cyborgs, elementals, magic wielders and others. Travelers can learn new skills, add attributes or level up their stats during the game. It is possible to fuse two low-grade Travelers to produce a higher-ranked one.

In the game, players can also craft and discover gear, armor and body implants to further upgrade their performance. All crafted gear can also be resold on the NFT market.

The game offers a constant luck element with limited-time events to drop rare items. These collections of Travelers or other tools will be a once-only type of event, after which the items will retain a level of rarity.

The game is one of the trending headlines in December 2022, and is worth watching for a series of special events and potential giveaways. Chronos: Dawn of Time will carry Dark Aether, an in-game currency which will not be used outside the game economy, and there is no intention of setting up crypto trading.

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