Brave Frontier Heroes: Here’s What to Do to Grab the Token Drop

Brave Frontier is a working app with millions of users, as well as Web3 additions to own the game and receive rewards.
  • Brave Frontier Heroes has reached mass adoption, but is slower with its addition of blockchain assets.
  • The game combines elements from Brave Frontier and My Crypto Heroes.
  • MCHC token to be added to multiple P2E games partnering with My Crypto Heroes.

Brave Frontier Heroes boasts 38M downloads and an added Web3 dimension. The game, featuring a simple RPG adventure, is already tapping the Japanese gaming market. Brave Frontier Heroes also announces regular tournaments to improve rank.

The game is sending out constant invitations to new types of matches, for renewed excitement in a series of special mini-tournaments. 

Brave Frontier Heroes may be one of the few hybrid games taking the best features of Web2 and Wen3. The game can be started with a regular Google profile account, while also allowing for tokenized reward. 

The original gameplay is inspired by the Brave Frontier mobile game, which was already a huge success. To add an extra reward, the game borrows tokenomics from My Crypto Heroes. Initially, the P2E element consisted of Units (game characters) and Spheres (the game’s weapons). 

Based on NFT activity, the game marks dozens of interactions with 20 ETH-based smart contracts. The ETH activity continues even after the Merge event, and may change when Polygon is added to the game’s mix.

How Brave Frontier Will Integrate MCHC Tokens

Brave Frontier Heroes will pick one of its battle modes to introduce MCHC token rewards. The asset, MCH Coin, is created and issued by My Crypto Heroes. 

My Crypto Heroes also intends to spread its token to other blockchain titles, showing that there is no need for each project to generate its own assets. This move also brings improved liquidity as fewer tokens compete for space on exchanges.

To be eligible for MCHC, players will need to participate in the Raid Battle. Their success will be reflected as an off-chain balance. Brave Frontier Heroes will then work on integrating with the Polygon network, to allow MCHC withdrawals. 

MCHC currently trades at $0.28 after a recent rally in the past few weeks. The token is still down from its peak above $1.87, and is yet to gain a higher liquidity score on MEXC. But MCHC may also gain exposure from being used in a larger family of games.

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