Brave Nine Brings Web3 Game on Klaytn Blockchain

Brave Nine uses the Klaytn blockchain, specially created for fast apps and games.
  • Brave Nine is a Klaytn-based tower defense game with play-and-earn opportunities.
  • Up to 5M players have interacted with the apps.
  • The game has regular updates with new Mercenaries and spell cards.

Brave Nine is currently growing its appeal among P2E games. The Brave Nine universe has already reached more than 1M players through its Android app, offering global access. Brave Nine is a tower defense game, where two teams of selected Heroes compete to defend a 15-field grid. The game team reports an even higher figure of up to 5M players affiliated with the game, with most receiving in-game assets and the potential to buy NFT, with no upfront investment.

The game is constantly updated, with new Mercenaries to be bought, coming this December.

Brave Nine is one of the fully live games with regular updates and airdrops, taking an approach similar to Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, Dear, Ella and other anime-themed games. The game has all features of a Web3 project, with a highly active live mobile version. Brave Nine was also built on the Klaytn blockchain, popular in Southeast Asia. Klaytn is a specific solution built by Kakao Corp. to support gaming and decentralized apps with low fees.

The game also offers new skins, themed events and mini-tournaments. Brave Nine requires a strategy of selecting Mercenaries and spell cards, then offers an idle battle to decide who will be the winner based on selected attacks and the statistics of players.

The latest game update was the Mythical addition, with two new Goddesses as mercenaries and four more Spell Cards to enhance the hero stats. 

How Brave Nine Integrates Web3

Brave Nine is free to start and offers play-and-earn opportunities. Players will get rewarded with NFT and BRAVE tokens. All assets can be held in the NEOPIN wallet and the BRAVE tokens can be staked. 

After earning in-game TERRA tokens, players can either buy more NFT from the list of 300 Mercenaries, or cash out. TERRA swaps to BRAVE tokens, and BRAVE tokens can be swapped for the NEOPIN asset, which is represented on exchanges. Brave Nine does not offer a direct method of cashing out.

Brave Nine is created by Neowiz, the Korean game studio established in 1997.

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