Mobox Prepares for Homebase Phase 2, Looting is Coming

The MOMOVerse brings new tools to earn, and the home base will be one of the most important elements.
  • Mobox aims to offer more active games after its launch as an NFT and GameFi project.
  • The game relies more on off-chain assets like MEC, XP and energy.
  • MBOX tokens trade at $0.47, stagnant for the past few weeks.

Mobox, one of the most well-developed metaverse games, is evolving its home base features. Building a productive home base was one of the most awaited features in Q3. Now, the second phase will include looting mechanics and introducing an energy resource for buildings.

Mobox is one of the most active ecosystems, reporting more than 1.3M NFT mints and highly active trading. Now, the game aims to improve its economic balance, while offering a more varied game. The MOMOVerse keeps shifting to using in-game assets such as MEC tokens, MoBalls and now, buildings energy. 

Mobox has also upgraded its PvP game, ChainZ Arena, offering increased in-game rewards. As with other games, the goals center around in-game items or forms of Energy, instead of grinding directly for MBOX tokens.

The MoLand Defense, another highly active mini-game, recently wrapped up its Season 17, preparing for the next one. Mobox is also focusing on its FIFA 2022 event running until December 19.

The Mobox project has been working on more active games, after ending its stage on highly active NFT mints. Mobox is trying to offer more quality, instead of just hype around owning MOMOs. 

Mobox Aims for Active Play, Moves Away from GameFi

One of the big problems shared by players were the low earnings and unwinnable matches, especially for owners of more common and weaker MOMOs. Initially, Mobox gained acceptance with its mass airdrops and free mints, giving out Mystery Boxes. Later, some of the boxes and MOMOs were burned, and the game allows earnings only for fully verified players. 

In the past weeks, Mobox NFT Farmer also saw its player count diminish, to just 2.45K players. The GameFi app is still one of the main use cases for MOMO NFT, which are used for staking. Within the game, owning a MOMO can give players advantage and allows a form of idle MEC token mining.

The MBOX token remains relatively stagnant at around $0.47 as the asset spent a few months in a tight range.

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