Chain of Legends: More Players, More Scarcity Build Up Game Value

Chain of Legends offers a mining experience with varying tokenized rewards.
  • Chain of Legends offers a calculator to estimate potential P2E gains based on the initial investment.
  • Mining epochs limit the rewards in CLEG tokens, avoiding a rapid price drop.
  • The game is also free to start and P2E elements are optional.

Chain of Legends is one of the games that managed to come to prominence in 2022. The idle battle game with earnings potential also introduced a self-limiting economy of diminishing asset creation.

Chain of Legends also aims to popularize itself through the ChainPlay gaming hub, which hosts some of the more popular P2E games for 2022. 

Early voters may also receive digital land in the Chain of Legends metaverse. The recent popularity of Chain of Legends helped it reach the semi-finals as one of the recently popular games. 

Chain of Legends is also drawing in users to make as much CLEG tokens as possible in the idle game. The early Chain of Legends stages will produce more CLEG, and the game has already completed seven cycles of token generation.

Is Chain of Legends Worth Playing

At this stage, Chain of Legends earnings are accessible due to the relatively low price of CLEG. The key to in-game earnings is an initial investment of CLEG, as well as referrals. 

The higher tier of investors may earn more, but even beginners can spend $22 on the game and recover them in the first month of playing. The game tries to balance its NFT and economic system through mining cycles, levels and other tools. 

The calculator makes a snapshot of potential earnings and the equation may change with shifting CLEG token prices. Buying some mining levels at an unfavorable price may even lead to a temporary loss. For those that are not willing to invest, the game is also available to start for free.

The game has issued 1 trillion CLEG, and is one of the few games setting aside nearly 60% of that amount for in-game earnings. CLEG currently trades at $0.006, after peaking at $0.02, and even at this price can make the game’s P2E equation profitable. The token is running on Binance Smart Chain and mostly uses PancakeSwap for its price discovery.

In late 2022 and early 2023, the game will aim to expand its map and make it more complex with new features and buildings. Craftable items may arrive in 2023 as well.

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