Chain of Legends: Why This Game Shows Activity Growth

Chain of Legends is a resource-based game with digital land an a DeFi component.
  • Chain of Legends has been live for three weeks, with a tradable token.
  • CLEG token rose to all-time high at $0.026.
  • Chain of Legend team promises new version to clear out early bugs.

Chain of Legends is boosting the volumes on BNBChain, while also showing demand for its native crypto token. Chain of Legends is among the top 10 growth games on the BNB blockchain, while also lining up in the top 5 of token holders for P2E games. 

Chain of Legends is a live game with basic land-based earnings mechanics. Players can pick up a land plot, build a CLEG token mine and start producing the asset. This is the game’s simplest form, a type of DeFi passive income. 

CLEG can then be sold on exchanges, if not used to buy more in-game items or upgrades. CLEG was introduced relatively late, starting trading on July 16. The token peaked at $0.026, later sinking to $0.018. GLEG is traded with limited liquidity, on PancakeSwap, with the busiest pair on

Chain of Legends: Build an Army

The goal of Chain of Legends goes beyond immediate monetization. Players can build barracks and train troops. There are also iron and stone resources, which can upgrade the player’s positions. 

Players can also compete for occupying land, or cooperate through the marketplace, to resell resources and troops. 

Chain of Legends has been live for about three weeks, speeding up its development in comparison to other games. This led the team to issue a bug warning, while announcing it intends to build Version 2.0 in the future. 

The game has accrued some support, listing 3,520 addresses on Binance Smart Chain. Close to 80% of tokens are still locked, with around 17% in circulation or locked in smart contracts for liquidity.

The game registers more than 700 daily users in its current state, while also offering a free experience. Because of its land purchase economics, the game has $3.27M in value locked. The game has also released its first NFT items, trading on its native marketplace. Around 66 BNB in value have changed hands for the game’s NFT items.

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