Ragnarok Meta: Beta open, New Concept Art Created

Ragnarok Meta launched in May, aiming to build a sociable hub with growing adventures.
  • Giveaway open now for exclusive Ronin NFT.
  • RAG token not yet launched, team warns of potential scams.
  • Ragnarok Meta constantly builds new art.

Ragnarok Meta is a metaverse-plus-adventure game with NFT heroes. The game offers a beta version experience with immediate availability of all Heroes purchased on the market. The game aims to be the first complete meta-RPG, combining a metaverse with hero-based missions and battles.

Ragnarok Meta is also highly engaging to its social media following, organizing special events and giveaways. The game is also showcasing new art developments and features to add to the already existing early version. A current giveaway will offer one exclusive Zero Ronin, a part of a one-time mint of 7,777 Heroes.

All the Heroes, also known as Ronin, are listed on OpenSea, with some of the last sales achieving a price of 0.7 ETH. But the game’s goal is not just to hype its Ronin, instead to also achieve a sociable space and constant growth with new game additions and animations. 

Ragnarok Meta has a few dozen players per day, based on DappRadar data. The game started off with thousands of users, mostly due to the initial minting and distribution of Ronin. The game is still based on Ethereum, with 3,077 holders of the RONIN NFT items. The collection is highly active, with multiple transfers per hour and a usual price around 0.18 ETH. 

Ragnarok Meta Has Long Roadmap Ahead

Over time, Ragnarok Meta will also add breeding features, buildings and special challenges. There will also be additions to the lore and special missions and levels. Looting, monster battles and digital land will also be added later to the game.

The game has been relatively new, launching in May 2022, and will continue to evolve and bring rewards. So far, Ragnarok Meta has not announced a native token and the NFT are the only carrier of earnings.

When the Ragnarok token is released, it will hold the RAG ticker. So far, no token has been minted and the team warns of scams trying to impersonate the game.

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