Champions Ascension: Prime Eternals Enter the Game

Champions Ascension is an Ethereum game with perks for owners of the Prime Eternals NFT genesis collection.

Champions Ascension is a newly popular play to earn offering, making a splash with its unique playable characters. At the end of February, Champions Ascension introduced its Prime Eternals airdrop, for restricted NFT access to the game. 

Champions Ascension is still in its early preliminary stages of development, before becoming a full gladiator game. But the Prime Eternals are an opportunity for grabbing game advantages. Owning a Prime Eternal warrior will grant permanent advantages in the game, with specific potion, spell mechanics, airdrops and other perks.

The initial airdrop has already ended, but Prime Eternals are also for sale on the secondary market. The current floor price for Prime Eternals is 0.32 ETH. The game incentivizes Prime Eternal owners to hold their characters, but there may be a lively market by the time the game is launched. 

Champions Ascension Brings AAA Game to Market

Champions Ascension is a relatively late arrival, but promises to bring an AAA-level game with full token capabilities. Interactive staking will be one of the Champions Ascension features to drive community engagement.

Champions Ascension was created by Jam City, an award-winning mobile entertainment studio. Jam City has extensive experience with building appealing games with millions of players. This is one of the potential advantages of Champions Ascension, starting with the high-level graphics of the NFT playable characters. 

What Comes Next for Champions Ascension

The game team planned to release MVP in early 2022. The promised battle arena functions may arrive in the middle of the year. 

By that time, the roadmap suggests Champions Ascension may launch a native token and a staking mechanism. Toward the end of 2022, Champions Ascension plans to release land-based tokens and additional weapons forging mechanisms. For now, Jam City has decided the game will use the Ethereum network for its NFT and game tokens, despite the potential for high fees. 

Champions Ascension is also benefiting from social media hype and gaining popularity. The game is another landmark showing established game studios are adopting the play to earn model with full tokenomics, reinvestment and NFT holding mechanisms.

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