Pegaxy Completes Stats Overhaul Upgrade

Pegaxy (PGX) implemented its new character statistics and cooldown times for a fairer competition.

Pegaxy, the breeding and racing game, has completed its expected upgrade. The new playing conditions affect several statistics for playable characters, to ensure more fairness. The biggest change will be in the racing cooldown period after breeding, with characters having to wait out before participating in competitions.

Pegaxy will also make the Kyberswap exchange available directly through the app, with no need to leave the game to swap reward tokens. 

Pegaxy Keeps Logging High User Count

Despite a small setback in the past day, Pegaxy still has more than 20,000 active users, turning into one of the most addictive games. Pegaxy is one potential competitor to Axie Infinity, with guilds and players choosing sides.

PGX, the game’s native voting token, is now at a monthly low of around $0.31, getting close to the initial trading level from December 2021. Vigorous (VIS), the token used for breeding, is down from $0.25 a month ago, to $0.03. Despite the game’s popularity, Pegaxy continues to suffer price weakness for its native tokens. 

Game Beset by Bot Problems

Players of Pegaxy are complaining of what looks like bot activity. With so many active players, it is possible some are bots. 

But bots are also active in buying up low-priced Pega characters. With automated buying and relisting, Pegas command a higher floor price, but are also prohibitively expensive for new players. 

Pegas go at 0.065 ETH floor price in March, with more than 300K items bred. Pegas are some of the most numerous NFT collections, comparable to Axies. The other complaint of the game is that Pegaxy is not a skills-based gameplay, and mostly relies on automated races based on character statistics. 

The most appealing side of Pegaxy is the play to earn aspect, but this is also challenging as the price of PGX and VIS keep falling. 

Despite this, Pegaxy is also one of the games with the most scholarship offers, with dozens of playable characters seeking players to be busy with the game every day.

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