Yield Guild Games: 5 Things This Guild Does for P2E

Yield Guild Games serves as one of the important hubs of liquidity and community-building in the P2E space.

Yield Guild Games is one of the top guilds aggregating scholars, sponsorships and NFT investments for a successful P2E experience. YGG also offers traders exposure to the growing world of blockchain games. Here are the top 5 effects of YGG on the play to earn space. 

Worldwide Exposure to P2E Gains

The YGG token is a proxy for exposure to the world of play to earn games. YGG is traded on multiple internationally-accessible exchanges, with a significant presence on Binance. 

YGG is also traded on Kraken, exposing the assets to the EU markets. Exchange presence is rare for play to earn tokens, and YGG has already managed to position itself with relatively liquid trading pairs. Not all crypto traders are interested directly in P2E gaming, but the YGG token adds exposure to multiple games and the effect of holding up a community of players.


YGG is seen as accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology, while also showing the DAO model of community votes can work well for gaming.

Providing Liquidity for NFT Markets

Yield Guild carries multiple games and provides demand and buying for their NFT items. Moreover, the new mints are then tied to players and put to use, instead of minted for speculation.

Yield Guild invests in some of the most prominent or promising P2E games, including Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, League of Kingdoms, The Sandbox, Illuvium and others. 

Recently, the guild invested $80,000 in items from the Solarbot game, using its influence to gain NFT and game advantages at a lower initial price. Yield Guild has more tools to join early-bird token and NFT sales and ensure higher yields with a smaller initial investment. Yield Guild also invested $300,000 in the Mavia metaverse, to buy rare land plots earlier.

Creating Community-Building Tools

Some of the partnerships of Yield Guild center around tools for building communities. Yield Guild fostered the creation of a DAO specifically focused on the gaming community in India, where connections between players, scholarship providers and traders would be made easier. 

Recently, Yield Guild partnered with Strider, a Web3 project aiming to supply DAO-building governance tools to gaming and NFT communities.

Popularizing Games

Yield Guild is also dedicating its time and resources to popularizing up and coming P2E games. Some of the latest efforts surround the Illuvium game. 


Illuvium is also a tool to extend the activity of Yield Guild into DeFi projects, where gaming is combined with yield farming.

Charity Work and Donations

Yield Guild is also focusing on the potential of crypto to build a hub for charity and donations. Initially, Yield Guild also had a regional focus, basing its efforts on the potential of Axie Infinity to have direct impact on the Philippines communities. 

Yield Guild taps into the power of gaming communities and its own DAO sub-divisions for special tournaments and other tools for fundraising. 

Yield Guild remains one of the most influential gaming and DeFi aggregation tools, and a source of the best and most numerous scholarship opportunities. The guild’s influence adds to the growth of blockchain gaming.

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