Crabada: Weapons, Shields and Helmets, Economy V2 Arrive in October

Crabada aims to bring user opinions and engage high-ranking players.
  • Crabada to introduce Equipment with complex features and power-up potential.
  • Player count remains steady on Swimmer Network.
  • The game’s earnings remain attractive due to the tournament feature.

Crabada outlined some of the upcoming changes, as it plans upgrades to its gameplay and economy. For Crab NFT, Equipment and Attributes are coming to make battles and exploration more complex. 

The Crabada team will also engage the community more, including user-generated content and interviews with players. The game team outlined the approach in its recent AMA session. The approach of Crabada was also taken up by Avalanche Gaming, with a goal of reaching more users even during a crypto bear market.

Crabada will start introducing economic rebalancing from the middle of October. The changes arrive as Crabada retains most of its player count, spread among the idle game, battle mode, arena competitions and the daily lucky draw. 

Weapons to Change Crabada Game Balance

Crabada will introduce Economy V2, along with Battle Game 1.1.0 in about 10 days. The biggest new item will be the Equipment, where each new type of NFT will have complex attributes. Players will have to build strategies around the Attributes, as in the case of Crab strengths and weaknesses. 

To obtain weapons, players must use Crysta Forges, hidden within the game. Crabs can be equipped with Weapons, Shields and Helmets, with four levels of rarity. The rarity score will also affect the power and effects of each item. Power-Up Pearls will also be added to the game, and will add more effects to the weapon’s chief statistic. 

Players are urged to go on Battle Mode and level up, while preparing resources ahead of the Economy V2 launch.

At the same time, Crabada continues with the TUS burns, amid a growth in crab breeding. The game shows resilience in retaining players with appealing achievements and goals. TUS remains unchanged around $0.00023, with limited effect on the economy. CRA also retains its levels at $0.013, much lower than the level at which the P2E balance is favorable. 

Crabada compensates the low token price with regular tournaments and more significant prizes for top players. Crab creation and resale is also ongoing, and weapons will bring a new source of value. Additionally, the drive to try new levels keeps the game engaging.

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