Undead Blocks Prepares for Multiplayer Tournament

Undead Blocks (UNDEAD) keeps token trading secondary, choosing to offer an immersive game.
  • Undead Blocks is part of the Animoca Brands family.
  • Genesis weapons collection still keeps 0.19 ETH floor price.
  • UNDEAD still has price discovery mechanism and trades above $1.

Undead Blocks is preparing for a tournament coming this July 29, with a valuable prize pool and promising a peak battle to grab the top spots. The AAA-game, part of the Animoca Brands family, will grant rewards to the top-ranked 1,000 players, with $1,000 prize equivalent for the tournament leader. 


Undead Blocks is one of the few games which has released a completed playable product and has added NFT and in-game tokens. At the same time, Undead Blocks is still getting updated with new additions to its beta version. 


Until recently, Undead Blocks offered Genesis Weapons and special editions as encouragement to grow its player base. Undead Blocks does not record all gameplays on the blockchain, hence the unknown exact outreach of the game. However, Undead Blocks is often trending on Playtoearn.net, and has become one of the most active high-grade shooter games in the P2E mix. 

Undead Blocks Puts Crypto Tokens as Secondary

Currently, Undead Blocks is ranked to position 59 among blockchain games. Undead Blocks Genesis weapon NFT are also among the most active items for resale on OpenSea. The collection holds a floor price of 0.19 ETH with 855 ETH in value traded. Additional airdrops or in-game weapons won may also add value. However, Undead Blocks is not the typical idle or grinding game to make a regular P2E income.

UNDEAD, the native token of the game, trades at $1.03, keeping relative stability. UNDEAD has limited trading pairs, and is present on Gate.io and Uniswap. ZBUX, the in-game token, is inflationary and still untraded. 

The main goal of ZBUX is to buy and upgrade in-game weapons, and the token is still unlisted. Despite the tokenomics, Undead Blocks for now wants to differentiate itself from crypto speculation, and offer a fun game first, with an element of tokenization second.

Undead Blocks also wants to position itself as a Web3 game, using regular onboarding and appealing gameplay, but also adding an element of ownership with rare and valuable in-game weapons.

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