Sunflower Land: New Efficiency NFT for Orange Farmers

Sunflower Land grows its user base by minting more Bumpkins, which have in-game utility and can be personalized.
  • Sunflower Land keeps adding items with utility to boost production.
  • Squirrel Monkeys speed up the growth of Orange Trees.
  • More than 5K new players added since the launch of Sunflower Isles.

Sunflower Land is speeding up another one of its crops. After bringing fruit trees, the game is also adding a new NFT to boost production. Orange farmers may hope for doubling their tree growth rate by crafting this brand-new NFT. 

The Squirrel Monkey is craftable in the Goblin Village, adding to the advantages of orange farming.

Players on Sunflower Land can raise trees and sell orange juice on the in-game market. The new item doubles as farm decoration and adds to the game’s play-to-own model. 

Sunflower Land also keeps adding purely cosmetic items, such as the recently added Lunar New Year island with a rabbit statue. The game’s main goal is to connect islands while also growing a selection of basic or more exotic crops. Sunflower Land is currently focusing on its island expansion module, and has not launched any special events or challenges similar to the most recent Goblin Wars.

Collectibles and in-game items also have a lively secondary market, both within the game and on OpenSea. The collection of game items has more than 1,500 ETH in turnover. Sunflower Land also added around 5,000 new accounts since its open beta launch in December. New account creation is not through buying a farm, but through minting a Bumpkin avatar.

Sunflower Land Partners with Top Blockchain Projects

Sunflower Land is now among the leading Polygon projects, based on its organic origins and growth. The game has more than 5.4K players per day, ranking seventh among Polygon apps. 

Sunflower Land is also represented by PolkaStarter, a hub for Web3 games, where the game is also accruing positive reviews. The game is also adding outreach through the Magic Eden NFT marketplace and launchpad. Sunflower Land promotion is also happening on Fractal, a new project for Polygo mints and Web3 projects.

Recently, the Sequence Web3 hub also promoted Sunflower Land in its recent sequence to showcase successful projects with NFT and tokenization. Sunflower Land itself is growing its exposure with regular additions and upgrades while keeping the SFL token stable at around $0.10 for in-game usage.

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