Super Crypto Kart by Chain Games Aims for Web3 Leader in Mini-Games

Chain Games offers subscription to 40K supporters, with regular tokenized rewards for competing and winning in mini-games.
  • Super Crypto Kart offers multiplayer racing, battle mode, and steal the flag games.
  • Chain Games offers regular CHAIN token payouts for multiple mini-games.
  • New DropZi game launched on testnet, with tetris-like gameplay and competitive battles.

Super Crypto Kart is one of the trending games that is showcasing the potential of Web3. The game’s NFT characters and themes are taken from the world of crypto, representing big coins and networks. The basic NFT designed based on blockchain logos and themes start at $7.50, though exclusive items like the SBF Clown Car sold at a much higher rate.

Players race their imaginative weaponized cars, trying to best their opponents – or smash them. 

Super Crypto Kart is a skills-based game, where players also need to watch out for obstacles, while also picking up valuable items along the way. The game rewards players with real crypto assets, while offering several modes – multiplayer racing, battle mode, and capture the flag.

Chain Games Brings New Products

Chain Games is the platform that carries Super Crypto Kart, and keeps adding mini-games for a complete Web3 package. The hub managed to draw in more than 40K members and offers regular CHAIN token payouts, reaching a total of 127M. 

The latest game to be added is DropZi, which is still on testnet and only used with testnet CHAIN tokens.

DropZi is a tokenized tetris-like game, and currently the pre-alpha launch is testing the main mechanics and types of blocks for bugs. This time, the game also aims to build a battle mode to allow e-sports competition. This is one of the goals of Chain Games, to become the go-to place for e-sports.

Other Chain Games titles include Solitaire, ChainBlox, 21 Wild, Chaino, and Goobers, offering a mix of games of luck, win-to-earn and play-to-earn. All transactions are handled by the Polygon ecosystem, though most of the rewards and in-game activities stay in the game. 

Chain Games relies on already successful Web2 models and nostalgic games, though with added NFT. The approach is to offer limited collections and items, dropping small collections with unique designs. During on-chain events, the Chain Games collection draws in thousands of users based on blockchain data.

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