CryptoMonKeys Project Turns Two, Here’s How to Get Free NFT

CryptoMonKeys celebrated its second anniversary since its launch, with more than 300K minted NFT cards.
  • CryptoMonKeys prepares for multiple giveaway events and partnerships.
  • Card trading NFT is based on rarity, but the packs can be minted for free.
  • Banano partners with its $BAN token for microtransactions.

CryptoMonKeys is a WAX-based NFT project with constant giveaways. The project is trying to build a content and meme economy, and to educate more users about Web3. The cards are freely distributed and have a known rarity score. It is then up to the community to decide on swapping and value. 

Some of the cards are announced with their total mint rarity, allowing players to make a decision. CryptoMonKeys is also partnering with Atomic Hub, the chief WAX NFT marketplace. 

CryptoMonKeys also partners with Splinterlands, another top game powered by WAX and Hive blockchains. The NFT trading game will take part in the upcoming DYGYCON conference focusing on card trading and Web3.

The project is also tied to an earlier crypto abd meme startup, Bananocoin. After two years, the free NFT access is a central feature of CryptoMonKeys, with new opportunities available. 

The Banano startup aims to bring wallet usage and payment tools to a wider audience, with its proprietary Kalium wallet. Recently, Banano also had a complete overhaul of its Kalium wallet. The Banano payment system is similar to the NANO crypto asset, where each user wallet is also a node that verifies transactions. 

Banano and BAN Help Drive CryptoMonKeys and Meme Economy

Thus, Banano aims to drive a meme-based content economy with microtransactions. The CryptoMonKeys and Banano collaboration also aim to escape the usual NFT approach of selling or auctioning items at a very high price and waiting for immediate resale or appreciation. The Banano technology aims to offer free or low-cost swaps and the basis for a Web3 identity.

Banano is also spreading its BAN token for free and for social media tasks. A recent giveaway became active only days ago, with more opportunities coming down the line. 

BAN may be turning into an asset for the NFT and meme economy, with multiple smaller giveaways available. BAN is also traded on exchanges and is a relatively older crypto asset. BAN currently trades at $0.005, though in the past it has climbed as high as $0.05 during the peak of the bull market. BAN is thinly traded and for now used mostly as a meme token, with most of its trading dependent on CoinEx.

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