Monsta Infinite: P2E Game with App Store Success

Monsta Infinity offers breedable creatures with skills, attack and defense cards resembling the model of Axie Infinity.
  • Monsta Infinite reached more than 5K downloads soon after its app launch.
  • TapWar game moge combines PvP battle with match-three puzzle.
  • The game runs on MonstaChain, with a native wallet and STT and MONI tokens.

Monsta Infinite is going the path of traditional apps, and has achieved one of its goals of a good ranking on an app store. Currently, Monsta Tapwar is a top 5 app, while also available on Google Play and iOS app store.

Games with a completed mobile app are able to attract more users compared to pure P2E games that require blockchain access. The game trended briefly, while achieving more than 5K downloads. 

Monsta Tapwar is part of the Monsta Infinite brand and combines a PvP battle game similar to Axie Infinity. But Monsta also adds a speed-run puzzle, where players have a round of match-three between battles. Monsta Tapwar requires each team to start with three monsters, with 6 skill cards, 2 attack and 2 defense cards, as well as a lucky draw from additional cards. The battle thus resembles Axie Infinity arena mode, and the Monster creatures carry a similar esthetic. 

Monsta Tapwar already has a functioning marketplace of creatures with breeding DNA data and skills. 

Monsta Infinite uses sMONI and STT tokens to buy the Creatures. STT is a highly volatile token and players are advised to be careful about price fluctuations. STT started off at the end of 2021 with a price of $0.003, and is now down to $0.0003 with recent high fluctuations of about 30%. 

STT and MONI Tokens Make Up the Game’s Economy

STT relies on three trading pairs based on Pancake Swap, against BUSD, MONI and WBNB. MONI, or Monsta Infinite Token, is the more stable asset with a better exchange representation. MONI trades on KuCoin and is currently at around $0.07. In the past, MONI has peaked at above $3.90 at the end of 2021. MONI is also key to the valuation of STT and the value locked in the game.

Both STT and MONI use MonstaChain, a proprietary blockchain for the game’s own assets. Buying NFT or using the game requires the tokens to be driven through MonstaBridge. The game is accessible through MonstaWallet, a specialized app to communicate with the game’s own blockchain.

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