Crystals of Fate Aims for Web3 Influence, Releases Demo Trailer

Crystals of Fate aims to bring a playable
  • Crystals of Fate offers demo version for download.
  • The game will include multiple play-to-own elements, including pets and skins.
  • Crystals of Fate will include free-to-play and optional item ownership.

Crystals of Fate is an alpha-stage card strategy game, which is trying to gain attention as an upcoming Web3 project. Recently, the game released its latest trailer, closing in on its alpha release. 

Crystals of Fate is a card collection game with multiple styles of combat. Picking the cards will determine the outcome of battles and the potential for winning. The game is made up of multiple levels, with daily challenges. The game’s Hero meets mini-bosses and obstacles to clear the day’s task.

Previous communication from the team suggests the game’s public beta versions may arrive in 2023. Currently, the game can be downloaded as a free alpha version for testing and preview. Crystals of Fate is expected to combine free-to-play with a Web3 ownership and tokenization. 

What Makes Crystals of Fate Stand Out

At this stage, Crystals of Fate is still working on its graphics. The game’s anime style aims to bring high-grade attacks with stunning effects. The game offers a variety of levels and a progress arc. The game is set in a fantasy universe, with six classes of fighters – assassin, mage, guardian, support, necromancer, and warrior. Each class has strengths and weaknesses and combines with cards from the attack and defense deck.

Crystals of Fate may join a list of games creating a complex 3D world, with a clear goal of aiming for Web3 additions. The game is also raising awareness with its social media, and may be a source of free airdrops or other perks of early access.

The game’s goal is to launch on multiple platforms, including PC and mobile. Over time, the game will include multiple modes, including teams, challenges, quest mode, story mode, battle and multiplayer team vs team challenges.

Crystals of Fate will also evolve as play-to-own, introducing new Heroes, Pets, as well as cosmetic items – skins, emotes, card backs or avatars. Later, the game will introduce CoF coin, which can be part of battle-and-earn, and purchase some of the rare in-game items. Crystals of Fate will also become a part of a family of games, where the owner NFT may have utility in other game universes.

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