DeSo Protocol Aims to Simplify Web3 for Developers

DeSo protocol wants to create an easy on-ramp, making Web3 app creation easier and similar to building Web2 projects.
  • DeSo Protocol aims to bring in JavaScript developers and become the environment for Web3 social media.
  • DeSo protocol offers a native L1 blockchain with negligible gas fees.
  • DeSo protocol offers smart wallets based on secure smart contracts, to unite user login with Web3 ownership.

DeSo Protocol is targeted to JavaScript developers, aiming to onboard as many Web2 app builders as possible. Now, DeSo protocol is promoting its available SDK to simplify the Web3 process.

DeSo Protocol stands out for its goal of becoming the Web3 protocol for decentralized social media. DeSo is also a new Layer 1 network, different from all other existing protocols. Its JavaScript smart contract capabilities replace the need to use Solidity on Ethereum. Instead, DeSo will give ready-made components for multiple Web3 apps. 

DeSo Protocol Offers Social Media Building Blocks

Unlike other SDK specializing on games or monetization, DeSo Protocol aims to become the platform for social media. The SDK contains modules for social media based on the blockchain, forums, video apps or other community tools. 

DeSo also aims to bring together wallet usage and account creation, making it seamless for users that want a familiar experience. DeSo Social Wallet will manage the so-called “derived keys”, or a wallet based on a smart contract. While some users can protect their private keys, for others the task is better abstracted to a new security layer. 

The smart wallet and JavaScript approach is also shared with projects like Agoric, which also offer cryptographic protection, but no need to self-store keys. DeSo helps users control their funds, and also will not expose their funds to third-party apps. 

This is an advantage for Web3 security, where the main threat of wallet exploits and fake mint links is avoided. Users will communicate with any blockchain using session-derived public keys, avoiding threats to the funds or wallet theft. 

DeSo Network Offers Real-Time Speed

Additionally, DeSo network is almost without gas fees and extremely fast, which would allow real-time usage for dedicated apps, without competition or gas wars.

DeSo will offer cross-chain compatibility and the ability to send NFT. The environment will also allow for the creation of social media tokens. All the tools will also be compatible with the current Web2 environment.

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