Dragonary Enters 2023 with Open Beta Stage Completed

Coinary is an incubator for Web3 games with NFT and tokens, building on the Myria scaling platform.
  • Dragonary is part of the Coinary portfolio of games.
  • The app is live with 100K downloads and may be tokenized in 2023.
  • Dragonary will be free-to-earn and play-to-own.

Dragonary is among the new games arriving in 2023, combining NFT ownership and adventure. Dragonary was off to a hot launch, achieving more than 100K downloads on GooglePlay. The game has been gaining speed since the last quarter of 2022. 

Dragonary will be one of the few games to partner with the Myria ecosystem. Myria is a L2 solution, similar to ImmutableX, which can scale and onboard millions of users, with Ethereum-based records, without requiring gas fees or causing congestion.

Dragonary Brings Back Tamagochi-Like Gameplay

Dragonary centers around breeding, raising and training dragons to participate in missions. The game is part of Coinary, which is building a series of entertaining games. Pet City is another game in the portfolio, this time centering around caring for pets. 

Dragonary is one of the game-first projects, which does not focus aggressively on coins or grinding. The game, however, aims to be rewarding, hence the time-to-earn model. Players get reimbursed for all the time spent in the game and can retain the value. 

Dragonary will always be accessible to start for free on multiple platforms. The value in the game will be determined by players and how active they are. The game is play-to-own, meaning all distinct items in the game can be traded. The speed of trading and the real demand between players will determine the price of NFT. Players do not need to invest beforehand or buy items. 

Coinary Incubates Web3 Projects

Coinary focuses on gamification first, to keep players engaged for the long run. The entire portfolio also includes Clash of Pets, Fantasy Racing and Waifu Studio. 

Coinary also partners with Myria and Heroic Labs for its game production.

The Coinary games are also allowing players to experience earning, while not putting barriers to entry or requiring purchases to win. Dragonary is not entirely monetized, but its full free-to-earn balance may arrive in 2023. 


The coming months will see also Waifu Studios monetize its slots game, turning the Coinary portfolio into a source of NFT and tokens.

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