Castaways Brings New Voxel Survival Game to Web3

Castaways offers potential prizes for being in the first 10K players in the leaderboards.
  • Castaways is a sandbox game of survival with rafts and islands.
  • The game has four NFT types – Rafts, Islands, Chests and Castaways.
  • The alpha version is free to test, NFT still have high asking prices.

Castaways takes the torch from games like Raft and Minecraft, with a Web3 element to survival and sandbox building. Castaways must build their base with resources on a deserted island, or while adrift at sea. The game offers an endless open world with resources to upgrade. 

Castaways is now growing its exposure as a newly introduced game, though it has been building since 2020. The game is trying to engage players with regular events, as in the case of a recent mystery chest competition. This time, the giveaway had a twist – an expiration date on opening the chests with a key from the game. 

The goal of Castaways is to reach the first 10K players in the leaderboard, by collecting points from items that spawn in the game. Early game tests also show that initially, the game does not punish multiple browsers and players can use a workaround to gain more resources. This effect may disappear as the game evolves to exclude click bots. 

Castaways Relies on Earning NFT Chests in Special Events

The biggest attraction of Castaways is that the game is ready to play and engaging enough, with the chance of earning valuable Chests with luck-based content distribution. Castaways has also successfully released several NFT collections with secondary trading.

Those include the Castaways themselves, the Rafts and Islands, as well as Treasure Chests. Rafts, which are needed to start building, command relatively high prices in ETH, with offers as high as 19 ETH and 1,445 ETH total in trades. The Islands also command a relatively high floor price of 2.17 ETH. 

The Alpha game is still available for free, with no need to acquire NFT. There is no guarantee the NFT collections will retain value when the game progresses to beta. But The Castaways was one of the games to start with a high-profile series of NFT mints, set during the peak of the bull market and P2E hype. Sales may be slowing down or happen only sporadically, with players urged to hold onto their items. 

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