DynamicXYZ Aims for Smoother Login and Authentication Flows for Web3

DynamicXYZ offers free and premium services for various tiers of user tracking and authentication.
  • DynamicXYZ aims to bring a wider array of features in its login and authentication SDK.
  • EVM-compatible networks connection are available, as well as links to Solana and other niche blockchains.
  • DynamicXYZ offers versatile tools for both experienced crypto natives and new Web3 users.

DynamicXYZ is one of the relatively new tools in Web3, launching in beta this March. For the few months, DynamicXYZ has been building a reputation among the Web3 community. 

DynamicXYZ has been added to prominent crypto and Web3 tools. The hub is dealing with authentication and onboarding flow, one of the most important features for seamless app usage. 


New apps attempt to onboard users seamlessly, without requiring manual wallet connection. The DynamicXYZ building pack allows for a smoother login flow and the creation of identities and authentication for apps. 

DynamicXYZ Onboards Legacy Wallets, Creates New Accounts

DynamicXYZ solves the problem of reaching both crypto-native users that already set up their wallets, as well as new Web3 players or collectors that want a process resembling a Web2 login. The developer tools available allow for onboarding and secure authentication, specializing in the interplay between available wallets and the most commonly used networks. New wallets and features are added on an ongoing basis and through partnerships.


The easy-to-use tool for the end user allows new arrivals to set up their wallets to the right network, without needing to manually set up MetaMask or another wallet. DynamicXYZ also offers more basic wallet connection and authentication tools. Web3 KYC screening and allow listing is also part of the process.

DynamicXYZ offers native SDK, built and tested by the same team. The entire login process does not store or expose private keys. End users and developers can also choose how much data is stored on the side of DynamicXYZ for each login session. Apps may work with minimal user data, or with a more detailed capture.

DynamicXYZ SDK work with all EVM-compatible networks, as well as with Solana, Flow, Starknet, and Algorand. App builders can choose from mobile wallets, injected existing wallets, or native app wallets. Authentication service is also available from DynamicXYZ for a fee. 

DynamicXYZ also offers a premium service with multi-wallet logins, more detailed tracking and an email login. The new toolset offers to migrate users from the previous SDK, RainbowKit, which focused only on Ethereum-compatible networks and had fewer authentication features.

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