Ragnarok Landverse in Closed Beta Stage, Open for New Pre-Registrations

Ragnarok Landverse will offer new NFT mystery boxes for each milestone in users in early signup for the upcoming open beta.
  • Ragnarok Landverse is an upcoming game currently in closed beta testing.
  • The game will announce its official launch later in 2023.
  • Ragnarok Landverse is a fantasy-themed MMORPG with six classes, quests and monster matches.

Ragnarok Landverse is the MMORPG extension of Ragnarok Online. The game offers a battle and hunt experience, with mini-boss monsters and mystery boxes. Players fight and loot their way into an evolving metaverse, with new items and rewards to be added. 

Currently, Ragnarok Landverse expands its audience through closed beta, while building up its pre-approval list of players. The closed beta will continue until July 12, to test existing features. After that, progress will be deleted and will be renewed for the upcoming official open beta launch. 


Players will be contacted by the team and access the newly launched beta with a special invitation. In addition to the pre-registration for multiplayer mode, Ragnarok Landverse is available as a downloadable PC game.

The main goal of the game is to clear quests after meeting NPC. Exploration and meeting monsters is another way to receive loot drops. The items available become more valuable as the player levels up. Ragnarok Landverse will retain its basic structure, though the exact balance of levels and items available may change during the official launch.

Players will choose from the six available classes – swordsman, magician, acolyte, archer, thief, and merchant.

Ragnarok Aims for Wide Adoption

Ragnarok Landverse has the potential to turn into a mainstream appeal game, after claiming more than 230K registrations. Registrations with Ragnarok Landverse are also tied to a series of starter packs and mystery boxes which will be distributed in the game. 

The game will aim for a mass audience, with the goal of building a sustainable, player-driven economy. All players will have regular missions and tasks to engage with the game and drive their progress arc.

Ragnarok Landverse will start out with demo tokens, but will move on to be fully tokenized. The game will use the services of the Maxion marketplace to incorporate USDC tokens, as well as the ION token. The game itself will have the ADAM asset issued within the game and tradable on the blockchain. Withdrawing assets and swapping will be possible on Maxion, as well as NFT resale.

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