P2E and Web3 Weekly Review (June 23- June 30)

Games continue to switch to Web3, or seek sustainable Web2 models with paid events and prize pools.

New games in Web3 space still reach their launch stage, offering more sustainable varieties of P2E. Games like Ragnarok Landverse and MetaGods try for a sustainable earnings model, introducing a mix of game progress and competitions with a prize pool. The Web3 space keeps growing thanks to new technologies, with more agile methods of onboarding users that are not native to crypto wallets.

Top Events of the Week

Web3 Game News

Mini Miners Sets Up NFT Sale – Mini Miners is another sign that NFT sales still have a place in the P2E and Web3 market. As a resource-management strategy game, Mini Miners frontloads its NFT to prepare the community. Signups are now open for the upcoming collection witn in-game utility.


Cyborne Prepares for TournamentCyborne, one of the most ambitious P2E games, will offer another competitive event soon. Cyborne is one of the complex 3D shooter games by OmniaVerse, building its presence organically. 


Sunflower Land Conquers Top Game List – Sunflower Land showed its capability to carry a sustainable model. The game reached the top for busiest on-chain transactions after its recent pumpking-planting event. Sunflower Land is still among the most visited games on Polygon, and close to the top 10 of P2E games, with more than 12K visits regularly.


Leading Games by Number of Users

Leading games have short-term shifts, as in the case of Sunflower Land reaching the top position briefly. Depending on the game model, some Web3 features require more on-chain interactions. Other games shift their transactions off the blockchain, or boost participation during tournaments, special events or airdrop campaigns. Axie Infinity retains under 10K users, despite running Origins Season 4 and a new season of Homeland. The game relies on free players and off-chain battles, still marking record engagement in terms of matches played.

GamePrevious WeekCurrent
Alien Worlds222.63K228.7K
Farmers World86.47K91.05K
Sunflower Land12.71K12.32K
Axie Infinity9.01K7.82K

P2E Token Price Action

The market cap of all P2E tokens retreated to $4.41B, as BTC still survived above $30,000. However, tokens remain range-bound, as games switch to Web3 ownership and are more conservative about trading.

Upcoming Mints, Airdrops, and Giveaways

NFT airdrops continue to be an important part of Web3 marketing and potential adoption. Collectibles still seek a wide reach, relying on peak activity. NFT detailed data are key to the more active niche trading, despite the passing of peak NFT hype. Games retain the token standard successfully, though with less active trading and more as a loyalty tool to retain players.

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