Mobox Launches MOMO World Cup for Soccer-Themed Play-and-Earn

Mobox switched to full KYC for all players who want to use their NFT in the MOMOVerse.
  • Mobox will offer a special soccer event with new collectible MOMO creatures.
  • Daily MEC prizes available for top builders on MOMOVerse Home.
  • New Clash of MoLand season opened.

Mobox is yet another game joining the trend of football-themed events, coinciding with the World Cup in Qatar. Mobox is also one of the games with regular short-term challenges, aiming to balance its MBOX price with the in-game earnings potential.

This time, the event will bring new exclusive challenges and NFT themed after the World Cup. At the same time, regular seasons on the Mobox sub-games continue as usual. Clash of MoLand, one of the most successful sub-games, launched its next season this week.

The mini-games add to the main MOMOVerse sandbox game, which also keeps evolving. MOMOVerse is still tweaking its home base gameplay, launching another test event. Home building is now a daily quest with prizes.

In the past months, Mobox switched to a new reward system, to take the selling pressure off the MBOX token. Players will now receive MEC tokens for all their activities, and potentially swap MEC for MBOX, with some limitations. This allows Mobox to remain more sustainable. 

Additionally, players can access nine daily rounds of Survivor games in the MOMOVerse, each running for 15 minutes. Survival mode is a tool to earn MoBalls, which are then used to catch MOMO creatures in the exploration mode of the MOMOVerse. Owning MOMO will give players a daily hashrate, ensuring regular passive income. 

How Mobox Shifts to Web3 from P2E and GameFi

Mobox is one of the games with a deliberate drift toward Web3, starting with a fun game and adding rewards. Mobox also reverted to full KYC for all NFT owners, removing the anonymous MOMO and avatars formerly airdropped through BinanceNFT.

Attention for Mobox games has also shifted toward skilled playable games or to strategic battle games. At the same time, the former leader Mobox NFT Farmer has lost almost all its activity and is down to hundreds of players from above 10K. Crypto market turbulence is the lead reason for fewer NFT Farmers, which are giving up on the potential for passive income.

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