FURY (XRPL) Game Brings Renewed 3D Graphics

FURY is an early-stage game, which will be listed on STEAM and attempt mass adoption.

FURY, the 3D first-person and third-person shooter game, recently improved its graphics, adding new explosion mechanics. The game lines up among the most advanced and successful Web3 games with full 3D mechanics. Currently, FURY is still at the preview trailer stage, and has a fully known team of developers, making it one of the promising Web3 games.

The game is also available as a live demo, to test out animation, skins and features that will be present after the full release. FURY will offer ownership, as well as PvP and PvE modes with the possibility of running an esports tournament. 


FURY has been working on its metaverse and presentation while offering GameFi features with passive income. The $FURY token has a burning program that brings additional tokens after a pre-set period of 100 days from each token burn. 

FURY Available as Free Demo, NFT and Tokens Optional

The current demo is freely available for download, and is not tokenized. The GameFi aspect of FURY and the native token require a more involved approach. 

FURY will be the only game to use the Ripple network, one of the earlier blockchains that is rarely involved in Web3. The FURY token requires the creation of a new wallet, compatible with the Ripple network, as well as owning some of the XRP tokens. 

FURY aims to become a top game in the XRPL ecosystem, but also aim for mass adoption. The game will list its offer on Steam, aiming to reach millions of players. As such, FURY will not directly advertise play-to-earn, but could offer ownership and potential earnings. 

The game offers NFT airdrops during campaigns to be announced. Additionally, the game will have playable characters and combat vehicle NFT. Players will have up to 70 possible items to customize their fighters and power them up for campaigns. 

Players will also have access to free weapons, which will also be customizable. Additionally, very rare and exclusive weapons will be available as NFT. The game itself will encourage the high turnover and trading of NFT.

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