Revoland Celebrates First Month with Lucky Adventure Event

Revoland is a new game offering early access and an advanced stage of completion.
  • Revoland is an early, complete game with download access and live REVO token.
  • Team formation allows for MMORPG and special missions.
  • Revoland has complete NFT marketplace for Heroes, Pets, and Skins.

Revoland is trending as a newly launched MMORPG with the potential for P2E income. The game is in the presale stage, becoming attractive for its marketing efforts and an opportunity for early entry. The game has been live for a month now, and is moving into a more active stage of seeking out players and activity.

Revoland is currently popularizing its gameplay, which involves team creation and competition for more rare assets. The game is available to test for download and experience its PvE and potential MMORPG features.

Players can start with three free Heroes and immediately start earning $LAND tokens, while also competing for REVO tokens in special events. Premium heroes, pets and skins can be acquired on the NFT market. Mystery boxes are available either through connecting a wallet, or through a fiat purchase.

Heroes are ranked based on rarity, and are currently on offer for 50 REVO per regular rank and around 200 REVO for Rare Heroes. Mystery Boxes, Skins and Pets are also on offer, with varied prices based on rarity or the chance to receive a Premium Hero.

Revoland is based on two blockchains – Binance Smart Chain and AbeyChain, a specially created network for fast transactions. Downloads are available for iOS, Android, and PC. In this early stage new users have to input the REVO and LAND tokens manually into the wallet.

Revoland Has Tradable REVO Token

Revoland is also entering the stage of token rewards for participation. The REVO token already starts out with listings and has been in price discovery for about a week. REVO started trading at $1.42 and due to low volumes moved town to $0.79. REVO remains unpredictable, but the game offers a way to earn tokens for fun interactions. 

As a BSC token, REVO is listed on PancakeSwap, but also on MEXC and BitMart, centralized exchanges suitable for tokens just starting out.

The game’s NFT are also in the very early stages, just starting out with single-digit OpenSea listings.

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