Ilu Universe Grows User Base, Joins Forces with Chainplay

Ilu Universe is preparing to spread its ILU token, using Binance Smart Chain.
  • Ilu Universe is trending as it seeks prominence among new Web3 games.
  • ILU token may arrive soon for staking and trading.
  • Full game version expected in early 2023.

Ilu Universe is another game that is starting to break out, offering a next-generation P2E experience. The game is starting to line up among the most visited in the past weeks, breaking out among more established P2E hubs. 

Illu Universe is gaining additional prominence after partnering with Chainplay, an accessibility hub for gaming and blockchain technology.

Chainplay is also a tool to point out highly ranked games based on financing rounds, roadmap milestones or general achievement. Ilu Universe is just trying to break out, and may be one of the games to watch in the coming months. 

Ilu Universe also wants to break out as a free-to-play game, but with NFT option for the in-game creatures. The game arrived in 2022, after the peak of P2E classical games, and took its time to offer a completed product. 

Ilu Universe currently runs on Binance Smart Chain, and may be preparing to launch the ILU token for trading. ILU currently has no price discovery mechanism, and is held in less than 2,000 wallets. The game is yet to register on-chain interactions as its initial drive to gain users is in free-to-play mode. 

Full Ilu Universe Game Expected in Early 2023

The game offers an endless open world with randomly generated biomes. Boss battles are the main source of rare items and rewards, depending on difficulty. The players is accompanied by their Ilu, a monster-like creature. 

The other mechanic is farming seeds to produce resources and food for the Ilu. The Ilu creatures also have a breeding mechanism, similar to Axie Infinity creatures, with a limit of 10 breeding cycles. All in-game items can be traded within the game, but also wrapped as NFT and sold on the open market.

The next stage for the game is to introduce ILU staking and trading. Ilu Universe is currently in the active marketing stage, though the full game functionalities may be released in a few months, during Q1, 2023. The full game will include PvE exploration and PvP arena battles, similar to the Axie Infinity model.

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