Genopets Outlines KI Token Airdrop After GENE Staking

Genopets completed its Habitats and prepares to introduce the KI reward token.
  • Step banking in the game can be converted to experience.
  • GENE token rewards to be locked up for 12 months before withdrawal.
  • KI snapshot date to be announced soon.

Genopets, the move-to-earn game that combines monsters and treasure hunts, is moving another step toward its double-token model. Just days after starting staking for the GENE token, the game is also introducing KI, the in-game reward currency. 

An upcoming airdrop will equip players with KI, after a snapshot of staked GENE tokens. 

KI can be accrued with multiple mechanisms, but the most important one will be step counts. Steps will be able to produce XP points and be converted to KI, at least based on recent promises from the game team. 

With this, Genopets will add another component similar to movement tracking apps like Step.App or STEPN. Players will be able to bank their steps for the day and boost their performance within the Genopets ecosystem.

For now, Genopets has not set a date for the network snapshot, leaving GENE owners some time to decide on staking. Following the news, GENE managed to hold toward the higher price range for the past month, trading around $12.15. The game’s team reports 4M GENE staked. 

Genopets Encourages GENE Holding

KI will be a token used to grow the ecosystem and build up the P2E model of the game. Genopets will be offered first as free-to-play, but with a move-to-earn component. Closed beta is available for signup, where some of the game’s features are being tested. Recently, a breeding mechanism for new Genopets was introduced.

Additionally, Genopets has already built its Habitats, which are the metaverse locations of Genopets. Habitats are also upgradable using KI tokens. More than 5,400 Habitats have been minted so far. 

Habitats are not yet resold on OpenSea, but Genopets characters and Refined Chrystals are one of the busiest Solana-based NFT collections. 

To avoid GENE selling, there are incentives to lock up the token for a longer time. GENE rewards will also be paid out after a period of 12 months, though sGENE can be used within the game. This time, Genopets offers a more convoluted way of cashing out compared to earlier P2E games.

The goal is to keep the value of GENE, while encouraging upgrades within the game and a shift to KI earnings.

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