Coinbase Wallet Adds Avalanche Trading and Swapping

Avalanche C-Chain hosts multiple tokens that will now be more convenient to swap.
  • Avalanche C-Chain hosts native USDT and USDC, which will now be accessible from Coinbase Wallet.
  • Avalanche NFT displays statistics for subnet marketplaces.

The Coinbase wallet will add direct trading of tokens based on Avalanche C-Chain. By integrating the Trader Joe exchange, one of the most popular wallets will bring more convenience to Avalanche users. The Coinbase wallet expansion will also add BNBChain assets for direct decentralized trading.

Trader Joe hosts more than $457M in locked value and is the second-biggest and most influential app on Avalanche C-Chain. The exchange uses algorithmic trading to set liquidity for newly launched tokens. C-Chain activity can easily reach more than 800K active daily wallets on busy days. 

Avalanche C-Chain is key to a small list of P2E games, of which Play Crabada is the most prominent. Even though Crabada uses a new subnet, Swimmer Network, its native tokens TUS and CRA can be used on Avalanche C-Chain and possibly traded.

The new in-wallet swap access will be more convenient for future game developments like TimeShuffle. The upcoming Step.App will also launch on Avalanche C-Chain.

The Avalanche network recently registered more than 3M active wallets with a growth trend. With AVAX managing to survive with a price of around $30, C-Chain hosts multiple decentralized projects and apps. 

Trading and swapping is made easier by direct native hosting of dollar-pegged coins, USDT and USDC.

Those assets allow for a more predictable experience and a tool to cash out of games or NFT. The native assets mean no need to abandon the wallet and move the assets on an exchange to make the swap.

Avalanche NFT Now Available on Subnets

The Avalanche C-Chain also has a growing number of NFT items as parts of collections and games. Recently, the Avalanche NFT tracker also added items from subnets, such as Crab NFTs.

This tool will allow users to track the overall performance of NFT markets, with recent activity, floor price and finished sales. The health of NFT sales can give more information of a game’s performance and interest over time.

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