GlyphBound Strategy Game Opens NFT Mint with Solana (SOL) Tokens

GlyphBound is offering its last Gen ) Kami playable character NFT mint on Solana.

GlyphBound, the Solana-based MMORPG game, is issuing the latest NFT selection of rare Kami characters. 

The limited sale will distribute exclusive Kami characters ahead of the game’s expansion. GlyphBound’s gameplay heavily relies on unique looks and upgrading, making NFT mints an essential part of gaming. 

GlyphBound was one of the projects to try a gameplay-first approach, only later adding NFT collections. But unlike other mints, those collections had immediate in-game usage and effects.

The NFT and playable teams are closely tied to how the game narrative moves. This makes GlyphBound go beyond simple monster collection games, and add in strategy and unique features to each quest.

What is GlyphBound

GlyphBound is a completed metaverse game with a pixelated art look and a third-person map. Avatars can be upgraded to evolve, so choosing a team of Kami will determine the game’s future. 

The unique avatars move within an open-ended universe, with the addition of Kami teams, multi-player leagues, skin upgrades and turns-based combat mechanics.

GlyphBound has launched the native GLYPH token, which so far has not outperformed the market. GLYPH has relatively low performance as a sub-penny token, after crashing from a peak of $0.16. 

GlyphBound Rides on Solana Popularity

GlyphBound is still a growing game ecosystem, but it is betting on the popularity of Solana. SOL wallet holders are seeking NFT mints to achieve high returns, and GlyphBound offers rare and unique items in its last Gen 0 mint. 

Rare Kami from Gen 0 can also be staked to produce additional cosmetic in-game items.

SOL mints are one of the in-demand tools for returns, avoiding high competition and fees. SOL market prices also reveal significant demand, as the asset regained most of its recent losses and returned above $111.

The Solana network keeps adding both art collections and play to earn NFTs. For now, the recent news of network outages have not affected the popularity of SOL as a token to buy and sell in-game items.

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